axTLS::SSLClient Class Reference
[C# API.]

The client context. More...

Public Member Functions

 SSLClient (uint options, int num_sessions)
 Start a new client context.
SSL Connect (Socket s, byte[] session_id)
 Establish a new SSL connection to an SSL server.

Detailed Description

The client context.

All client connections are started within a client context.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

axTLS::SSLClient::SSLClient ( uint  options,
int  num_sessions 
) [inline]

Start a new client context.

See also:
SSLCTX for details.

Member Function Documentation

SSL axTLS::SSLClient::Connect ( Socket  s,
byte[]  session_id 
) [inline]

Establish a new SSL connection to an SSL server.

It is up to the application to establish the initial socket connection.

This is a blocking call - it will finish when the handshake is complete (or has failed).

Call Dispose() when the connection is to be removed.

s [in] A reference to a Socket object.
session_id [in] A 32 byte session id for session resumption. This can be null if no session resumption is not required.
An SSL object reference. Use SSL.handshakeStatus() to check if a handshake succeeded.

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