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This code has no guarantees. The author accepts no liability for any security breaches from using this software. However the author is open to suggestions for code improvements and feature requests.

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Latest source, bugs, mailing lists etc

axTLS is now on SourceForge here.

To get the latest version of axTLS, use the subversion command:

svn checkout svn:// axtls-code

and the source can be browsed here.


I'll have to thank the Anti-Web guys (in particular Doug Hoyte) since I originally borrowed their web server. The bigint library I took originally from Jef Poskanzer < but I've pretty much rewritten it. The ciphers/digests I took from various RFC's and probably aren't the fastest but I know they work. They've also been hacked a bit as well. Thanks to the BusyBox guys for their mconf build tools.

And the guys from openssl (Eric Young and co) who without the code and debugging this project would never have been possible.

Check out crypto_blog.htm for some info on the algorithms used in this project.

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