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Symmetric Ciphers

bullet AES128-SHA
bullet AES256-SHA
bullet AES128-SHA256
bullet AES256-SHA256

Asymmetric Ciphers

bullet RSA 512/1024/2048/4096 bit encryption/decryption.
bullet RSA signing/verification


bullet SHA1
bullet MD5
bullet SHA256/384/512
bullet HMAC-SHA1
bullet HMAC-MD5
bullet HMAC-SHA256


bullet /dev/urandom on Linux.
bullet Microsoft's crypto interfaces on Win32.
bullet Alternatively a custom implementation seeded by the private key and other variables.

SSL Protocol Features

bullet TLSv1.0/1.1/1.2.
bullet Session resumption on both client and server (number of sessions is run- time configurable).
bullet Session renegotiation (instantiated via an API call on either the client or the server).
bullet Integrity checking on packet sizes, handshake types.
bullet Two threading models: a SSL_CTX instance can support many SSL connections in a single thread - and multiple threads can have one SSL_CTX context each (the default); and a SSL_CTX  instance can have an individual thread for each SSL connection (via a configuration change allowing mutexing).
bullet Partial openssl API compatibility via a wrapper (compile-time configurable).

Certificate/Key Support

bullet X.509 certificate support. No v3 extensions are supported.
bullet Self-signed v1 certificates can be generated given a private key.
bullet PEM private keys can be decrypted with AES128 or AES256 ciphers.
bullet Server peer verification (can choose between automatic verification, or verification after the handshake).
bullet Client peer verification on the server (handshake is terminated immediately on failure).
bullet Certificate chaining - the number of certificates is compile- time configurable individually on both client/server.
bullet CA certificate store size is compile-time configurable.
bullet PKCS#8, PKCS#12 key/certificates supported (PBE-SHA1-RC4-128 encryption only, with a single key).

Supported Platforms

bullet Linux (32/64 bit)
bullet Win32 (VC7.0/VC8.0/VC9.0)
bullet Cygwin

Supported Language Bindings (with sample code for each)

bullet C
bullet C#
bullet VB.NET
bullet Java
bullet Perl
bullet Lua

Web Server Specifications

bullet Small footprint.
bullet CGI 1.1 capable (optional protection using a uid/gid change).
bullet Basic authentication (via a .htpasswd file).
bullet Can allow/deny SSL access on particular directories (via a .htaccess file).
bullet Directories/files can be denied access (via a .htaccess file).
bullet Lua and Lua Pages are now supported.

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